Microsoft to Reportedly Embed Crypto Wallet for Edge Browser

Microsoft to Reportedly Embed Crypto Wallet for Edge Browser
Source: NBC News

Tech giants are eyeing the cryptocurrency market, with companies like Microsoft and Google entering the space. The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies has also made it a fruitful option for these companies to leverage the opportunity.

Even though these companies had a not-so-friendly approach to digital assets, it has drastically changed over the years. It has been reported that Microsoft is currently conducting tests on an integrated cryptocurrency wallet within its Edge browser, as per a tweet made by Albacore, a Twitter user and a software documenter.

Microsoft’s crypto wallet is reported to be non-custodial

The leak from the user reveals a sneak peek of the reported cryptocurrency wallet. The initial screenshot depicts an introductory page for the Edge wallet. Microsoft also appears to urge users to examine and offer honest feedback throughout the course of testing its premier Web3 wallet.

According to the reports, the wallet is said to be a non-custodial one. This will provide complete control and other security features to the users.

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In the screenshots, it is visible that users can exchange, send, and buy cryptocurrency. There are also two partners, Coinbase and MoonPay, that are integrated into the wallet to help users purchase and deposit crypto.

The incorporation of a cryptocurrency wallet into a mainstream platform may indicate a rise in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Although Microsoft has not yet verified the creation of the integrated crypto wallet, if the tweet is factual, it could represent a crucial milestone for the company and the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


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