VeChain Launches VeBetterDAO Platform with Two New Tokens

VeChain Complies with MiCA Regulation by Introducing Carbon Calculator
Source: The Coin Republic

Enterprise-focused blockchain project VeChain unveiled its latest sustainability-centered initiative this week – the VeBetterDAO platform, backed by two newly launched tokens. Announcing developments via Medium and X, the team framed the launch as an evolution of its prior 2022 Web3 roadmap.

At its core, VeBetterDAO looks to catalyze a cross-industry decentralized application ecosystem centered around sustainability. This meshes with VeChain’s strategic focus on leveraging Web3 technology to unlock new value across organizations and individuals alike via its X-to-Earn approach.

Moreover, developers cited VeBetterDAO as building upon last year’s whitepaper developed alongside consulting giant Boston Group. They position the new DAO as writing another chapter in encouraging mass blockchain adoption through pioneering use cases merging legacy industries with cutting-edge innovation.

What’s next for VeChain?

Unfolding across three phases, VeBetterDAO is currently midway through its “Testnet Take-Off” stage, which has so far activated initial functionality and incentives via airdrops. These preliminary rewards aim to spur community participation across testing processes over the coming months as capabilities expand.

A “Pilot Show Beta” later follows that shifts activity towards mainnet deployment, before the full “Go-Live Gala” launch synchronizes with VeChainThor’s anniversary on June 30th. The team eventually plans to transition all accrued test tokens into the live ecosystem at a 1:1 ratio when the full rollout is complete.

As part of the staged testing rollout, token rewards now distribute in the form of B3TR – designed specifically to serve as incentive coupons within the emerging DAO initially. A separate governance token named VOT3 has also been released that enables community members to vote on future proposals as platform growth matures.

By blending best practices from both the decentralized finance and enterprise spheres, VeChain continues trailblazing blockchain adoption for demanding commercial applications.

And with sustainability now at the heart of its vision through VeBetterDAO, the project seeks to empower socially-conscious organizations and open new horizons for blockchain interoperability simultaneously amidst the ongoing Web3 revolution this decade.

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