Shiba Inu Insider Boldly Calls for $0.01 Despite Ongoing Struggles

Shiba Inu Team Member Makes Highly Anticipated Announcement Regarding Shibarium
Source: Coin Cloud

A prominent voice within the Shiba Inu community has stirred up buzz by doubling down on her prediction that the meme coin’s price could eventually surge all the way to $0.01. Lucie, a marketing specialist working with the SHIB ecosystem, believes eliminating three zeros remains feasible long-term despite its ongoing struggles below a penny.

In a recent X post highlighting her status as a SHIB holder since 2021, Lucie defiantly stated her conviction that reaching $0.01 was not out of the question. She does, however, urge investors to take a patient, measured approach rather than expecting overnight success.

“Everything takes time,” Lucie wrote, tapping down hype in favor of a realistic outlook. Still, her bold call aligns with other forecasts from analysts spanning from AI systems to research firms.

Will Shiba Inu hit $0.01?

ChatGPT envisions SHIB hitting a penny within five years, while Changelly Exchange sets a longer 34 year timeline through 2050. Google’s experimental AI remains pessimistic, though, deeming $0.01 inconceivable.

Lucie’s divisive prognosis comes as Shiba Inu shows signs of emerging from its painful crypto winter slump. After rallying 359% in just two weeks to notch a new 2022 high around $0.000045, SHIB seems to be riding a new wave of momentum. Ongoing token burning and budding optimism have the community buzzing about reaching $0.0001 soon.

Further stoking enthusiasm is Lucie’s hint that a Shiba Inu ETF could be nearing as well, which would significantly bolster mainstream traction. Her lofty outlook extends beyond SHIB too, with ambitious forecasts for ecosystem tokens LEASH and BONE as key future growth drivers.

Of course, analysts urge caution because even the most bullish SHIB supporters tend to let emotions cloud judgment, given crypto’s inherent volatility risks. But if Lucie’s unrelenting confidence proves warranted, $0.01 may not stay out of reach forever, no matter how overly enthusiastic that seems presently.

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