Bitcoin Investor Uses Profits to Turn Hobby Into a Business

Bitcoin investor and fitness enthusiast Alessandra Sollberger has successfully established her own health business using the profits she gained from investing in Bitcoin.

Sollberger has already invested £80,000 of her Bitcoin profits to finance her ‘superfood’ company, Evermore Health.

According to the 29-year-old former Goldman Sachs banker, she was first interested in Bitcoin’s underlying technology called Blockchain, but she ended up investing about £2,700 in the cryptocurrency.

“I was more interested in the underlying technology of Bitcoin rather than the actual currency. Like the Blockchain system rather than having a central authority. And there’s a whole network of technology that is used to verify the transaction, and there’s no government controls. I wanted to be part of it.”

In 2012, the Oxford grad read about Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology on tech blogs. After conducting more research on the digital currency, she ended up investing in it.

In 2013, the price of the most famous virtual currency has increased by threefold so she took her chances and started cashing some of her money.

During that time, the health and fitness industry is also starting to become popular in London so she used the money to launch her own company.

“I’ve always loved my sports and fitness. I used to teach windsurfing and snowboarding in my holidays at high school. It’s a business I always wanted to do and it’s great that I actually had the funds to do it at that time.”

Bitcoin is able to sustain its phenomenal rise over the years to reach a current price of almost $17,100 or £12,817 per token as of press time.

Such growth is practically 1,900 times higher than the price that Alessandra originally bought her bitcoins and she claims that she doesn’t regret investing in the cryptocurrency at all.