Swiss Real Estate Agent Sells Swiss Villa for 829 Bitcoin

Swiss real estate agent and former software developer Stefan Christiani is selling a villa in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino in Switzerland for 829 bitcoins.

The four-storey mansion, which was constructed in 1954, features a swimming pool and a garden with a view of the lake.

According to Christiani, he wants to introduce the digital currency onto the real estate market.

“The global trust in the innovative currency grows nearly daily, and it is just a question of time until the gross of electronic payments is processed with virtual currencies.”

With the sale and other developments involving the leading cryptocurrency worldwide, Bitcoin, it is widely perceived that the digital currency is becoming the global currency of the rich and famous.

On Bitcoin Luxury Marketplace called BitPremier, high-value items such as premium cars like Mercedes, Porsche and Chevrolet, apartments in Paris, France, estate resorts, diamonds, and even islands off the coast of Croatia can be bought using the cryptocurrency.

There are several reasons why the wealthy elites favor Bitcoin as a form of payment. One reason is that they can access a global audience of buyers without paying a certain percentage of the price of the items sold to banks and financial intermediaries.

Another reason is that the owners of the cryptocurrency are often wealthy enough to afford the items for sale.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of shops and stores around the world are already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Consumers can already buy any product like coffee, food, houses, and towels using the digital currency.

With these developments, the cryptocurrency is slowly but surely becoming the preferred mode of payment of all types of consumers worldwide.