NEO: Cryptocurrency Newcomer Expanding Beyond China?

The rebranding of China’s cryptocurrency Antshares into NEO is more than just a change of name. It constitutes to a lot of changes in the world of digital currency, specifically on how people and computers embrace the Blockchain technology.

It is no longer a news that Ethereum has been surging so fast that it has increased to 3,275% just this year. That is all thanks to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

However, it is also not news that China is preparing for their own Blockchain that will successfully counter the success that of Ethereum.

Antshares was an open-source Blockchain that is claimed to be the first in China. Now, that it has completely rebranded into the NEO, the world can expect dynamic improvements on this technology that will put it at an advantageous point.

How exactly is NEO different from Ethereum? According to their whitepaper, NEO will be more open and easier to be used as compared to Ethereum. While Ethereum has created its own programming language, NEO has made it possible to be used with almost all existing programming languages.

This benefits the developers because they can now create smart contracts without too much effort. In other words, they are not required to learn a specific coding language but just utilize the code that they know.

NEO’s Blockchain mutual fund, which is the Nest Fund is also one of the things that will give the Blockchain a competitive edge. It fills the gaps and answers the failure of the Ethereum-based fund, the DAO. This time, NEO will provide those who will find bugs on the program a reward, something that DAO has failed to do because they are multi-layer.

The Nest Fund will be audited and reviewed by people across the globe before releasing tokens for decentralized investing.

With the efforts to involve people or hackers who are knowledgeable about Blockchain technology and security, the creators of Nest Fund sees that the program will be a safer platform that the world has been waiting.