Chief Technology Architects From Alibaba and Baidu to Create A Blockchain Academy

Despite what’s been happening in the cryptocurrency markets in the first five weeks of 2018, blockchain is still set for a banner year. Ex-Chief Architects from Alibaba, Jianxiang Mo, and Baidu, Haiyang Xu, now co-founders, have started a new company with a huge angel round of $100 million (article in Chinese). Mo and Xu have declared 2018 the year of blockchain and are building an academy of sorts, what they likened to West Point in the states (or Whampoa Military Academy in China) to train up and build the next generation of blockchain engineering talent.

The startup will also tackle the largest problems that blockchain companies face, which are the capacity limitations, difficulty in developing applications, the interaction between on-chain and off-chain platforms, and finding a great application to bring blockchain to the mainstream.

The focus on building an academy of sorts makes sense if you believe in the promise of the blockchain. If this technology does what I and many others think it will, this ‘West Point’ for blockchain could become the ‘Stanford’ for the next generation of technology talent. Either way, it’s exciting to see senior talent leave China’s largest technology firms to build new startup ventures. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your country stays on the edge of innovation and other countries should take note. Source