UK’s The Royal Mint Now Allows Anyone to Invest in Gold through its Own Token

The Royal Mint, which produced the UK’s coins and holds gold, has joined the cryptocurrency bandwagon by creating their own digital token, with one key difference.

Speaking exclusively to, Tom Coghill from the Royal Mint’s RMG division, said:

“We already sell physical gold through our Royal Mint Bullion business and we sell coins and bars. In this sense what we’re doing here is simply making that a digital business and allowing for our clients to be able to hold gold for the first time on a Blockchain basis.”

Coghill further explains:

“Bitcoin is often compared to gold as it stores value in the same way. The difference between what we’re doing and what other crypto digital assets is that we’re a physical tangible asset. One gram on our blockchain represents one gram physically in our vault. So it’s real gold you’re holding when you’re holding our RMG.” Source