ARK Ecosystem Claims to Let Anyone Launch their Own Blockchain in Minutes

By making Blockchain readily available and accessible to many consumers, ARK builds bridges to allow for the simultaneous utilization of multiple Blockchain networks, simplifying the process of having to endlessly trade coins to gain access to rival networks, for example the two major networks Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In short, through the ACES Project (Ark Contract Execution Services) the ARK network can interact freely with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Blockchains via its genius SmartBridge technology, giving ARK the immense power to utilise their features, such as Smart Contracts which are the bread and butter of the Ethereum network.

As of now, hackers, developers and anyone who knows enjoys a foray into new technologies have the ability to launch their very own Blockchain that runs on ARK technology within minutes.

As the first step toward creating an extremely vigorous ecosystem, the ARK Deployer script gives enthusiasts the chance to begin learning the workings of the ARK ecosystem and familiarize themselves with the code, which is now available for demonstrations through Hackathons and conferences, the script will allow the world to test the limitations of the of the Blockchain ‘web’ that ARK so desires to produce.

You will be able to create your very own connected Blockchain, it will not be built on top of the ARK main blockchain, it will be built in paralel. Giving you full control and customizability.

Travis Walker at ARK, shares:

“Unlike Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. all ark cloned chains can have their own Blockchain that will be connected to the Ark ecosystem. They will be customizable, you can set your block times, number of delegates, and more. This gives you complete freedom and independence without bloating the ARK mainchain, but while still having the ability to utilize the entire ecosystem”