South Korean Financial Regulatory Employees Sold their Bitcoin Before Restrictions Announcement

Financial Supervisory Service staff invested in cryptography. The government’s cryptography revealed that it was profitable to sell everything before the announcement of government measures.

Choi Heung-sik, the chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, said in a report on emergency financial issues related to the financial affairs of the National Assembly on January 18, “I have been informed by inquiries from a right-wing party lawmaker, When I asked him if he had such a staff member, he said, “Yes.”

Hong Nam-ki, the director of the Office of Coordination, said, “We have been informed that one or two civil servants are investigating the facts and that government officials are not appropriate to invest in virtual currency. .

In the question of Kim Seong-won, a free member of the Korean National Assembly, Choi pointed out that “(FSS) advised employees to refrain from investing, but pointing out that there are no restrictions” I replied.

On the other hand, Choi expressed his apology for “expressing unflavored expressions”, saying that he would bet on “the bubble will collapse” in advance of the cryptographic frenzy.

Choi said, “In Korea, there is a premium on the price of cryptography, so I use the expression that has not been refined to talk about whether or not such bubbles will disappear,” he said. Source