“Blockchain” Dominating Headlines this 2018

Blockchain seems to the magic word everyone is whispering these days. From crypto traders to giant companies, the word has become a favorite to many, frequently getting mentioned from headline to press releases.

Based on the data compiled by Bloomberg:

  • there were a total of 110 releases that included the word ‘Blockchain’ in just the first four days of 2018.
  • This is a massive jump from just five mentions during the same period in 2017.

In a simple definition, Blockchain refers to a digital ledger that keeps a record of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. It is now used by a consortium of banks and remittance centers worldwide.

Another interesting fact about the term itself is that it has helped boost the shares of several companies that have announced its plan to utilize  Blockchain.  For instance, Hooters’ investor Chanticleer Holdings enjoyed a rise in shares by as much as 41%  after announcing plans to kick-start a crypto and Blockchain-based reward program.

Long Island Iced Tea Corp also soared as much as 289% just four days before Christmas last year after rebranding itself Long Blockchain. More recently, global money transfer giant the Western Union also enjoyed a rise in stock value amid rumors that it will be using Ripple Blockchain this 2018.

The long list of companies that plans to utilize Blockchain this year is expected to even get longer. With the domination of the cryptocurrency markets and the growing interest of several venture capital firms and businesses, there is a good chance that Blockchain will end this year being on one of the most searched terms as well.