Binance Platform Filled with Error, Pending Transactions, and Irate Traders

After shortly re-opening its platform for new registrations for a limited period of time, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been experiencing system lag and several trading users have taken to Twitter to share their frustration. Source

Stop trading on binance exchange dam the little money every coin .

how do you explain this? My balance is 35Lrc buy I can’t sell 30 LRC?

Help me. I have issues with binance. My btc is still in order But i dont have open orders!

I cant not trade a few hours! Send email to support. Twitter DM and hear noting. Please fix the issue.

Just correct your system our balance got stuck in limbo

I sent some ETH over from Coinbase and the transaction is completed but my funds have not updated. Does anyone know how long it takes for the balance to update?

Decreasing referral percentage from %50 to %20, right after becoming first exchange, I think not that ethical.

insufficient balance bug..please fix it im loosing a lot of money!!!!!

Binance rapidly growth user but not give good support in their own system. It is terrible

What should I do when I lose a lot of money because of Binance’s server?

Binance wallet dont see the coins balances, when buy offers is canceled!!! BINANCE, SOLVE THE PROPLEM!!

Order r not getting cancelled properly my coins stucked in limbo

Binance is so irresponsible!! Does this make any sense? No answer for 3hrs about this system issue. How will you compensate for the loss?

Where is your great support? My ticket #458144 has been closed by your support and marked as solved. But the ticket is not solved. I have the money blocked and I lost a lot of money because the crypto goes down. You are like Bittrex support?