VeChain (VEN) Rebranding to VeChain Thor (VET) by Mid-January

VeChain (VEN) is about to undergo a massive rebranding to VeChain Thor (VET).

This will be commemorated with a re branding ceremony in Singapore. If history has shown us anything, it’s that a big re brand can often times be the catalyst for explosive growth.

The difference in this case is that VeChain are not only re branding, but they are about to have a massive year. You can expect massive news of partnerships, technology and releases to pour out over the coming months and it all starts with the massive re branding event happening right around the corner.

Everything is lining up for VeChain to have a massive uptrend towards the top 15 coins. With a current market cap of $1,307,376,142 , the top 15 coins currently sit about $6.5BN. That would make for a potential 400% return.

I’m reminded of Antshares re branding happening at a similar time during development and the impact it had. The difference I feel is VeChain can pretty much offer anything NEO offers and more, whilst also already having real partnerships with massive organisations (and many more to announce currently under NDA).

I would recommend doing some research if you do not currently hold a position in VEN, once this thing takes off I don’t think we will be seeing these prices again.

I haven’t bothered in this post to actually go into detail about the project, what they offer, their team, their partnerships at both a corporate and government level, their use cases etc. There is plenty of info online and in their (NOT A WHITEPAPER) Whitepaper.

Many agree this will be the year that tech, fundamentals and real world use plays a major part and VeChain is shaping up to be at the forefront of that.

I made this post to give you a heads up about the upcoming re brand incase you missed it and you can decide how you think that may or may not affect the price. Source