Lisk Jumps by 4.45% In the First Three Days of 2018

While many are all-eyes on either Bitcoin or Ripple these days, there are other cryptocurrencies which are slowly capturing the attention of many traders.

One of them is Lisk (LSK) which showed a steady yet impressive growth of 4.45% during the first three days of 2018.

  • Experts believe that it has set its eye on the $25 mark.
  • It is also predicted to reach as high as $56 in the next few days.

As of press time, this digital currency has already reached $22.75, according to CoinMarketCap. In December 2017, Lisk tokens have soared by as much as 192.18% and it has roughly 159.92 million digital coins in circulation.

What exactly is Lisk?

Lisk is a platform that enables the development as well as the distribution of Javascript-based and decentralized applications. Developers may use Lisk to create, publish, and even monetize their applications using a crypto-powered system built on smart contracts or custom Blockchains.

Rebranding Lisk for bigger boosts

The recent surge in price of Lisk can be attributed to the news of possible rebranding. Such strategy has been proven an effective way to allow better brand recognition for the cryptocurrency. A good example of such move and corresponding price surge is the evolution of Antshares to NEO.