Ethereum Classic Skyrockets by 30% on Day 1 of 2018

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is off to a great start this new year. This is according to the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, Bithumb.

The cryptocurrency exchange processed an enormous trading spike in the coin which has skyrocketed by almost 30% within the first 24 hours of 2018.

Ethereum Classic January 2018 Price

Just almost one month ago, Ethereum Classic also reached its all-time high (ATH). The boost came after the news on significant changes of Ethereum Classic as revealed in the Developer Conference in November 2017.

During this time, it jumped by as much as 50% growth within just 24 hours.

Korean market accounts represent 40% of the entire Ethereum Classic charge. The country’s largest exchange handles almost half of Ethereum Classic’s 700 million volume on a daily basis. The said exchange supports the price reversal towards the altcoin’s all-time highs of more than 40 Dollars.

According to the data on Coinmarketcap:

  • Just a week prior to the surge, this altcoin also suffered a decline leading to below 27 dollars

While many may call this a swift comeback for Ethereum Classic, traders and enthusiasts are more excited about the full rollout of the Emerald Project.

In a blog posted on December 31, 2017, Emerald Project discussed the new features and components of the Emerald Wallet or the official wallet of the Ethereum Classic.

“This is the first of many releases before the final wallet is to be offered. Emerald Wallet offers the basic wallet functions, as well as some more unique features, like built-in Shapeshift, ERC20 Token Compatibility, Remote or Local Node Network Connection, as well as Ledger HD support.”