From Treasure to Trash – Man Accidentally Throws Away 7500 Bitcoin

A UK-based IT professional just faced the biggest nightmare of his life – losing 7500 Bitcoin.

The man is James Howells, and while he knows where to find them again, local officials would not let him retrieve them.

According to Telegraph on December 3, Howells accidentally discarded the drive where he used to store the mined Bitcoin. He started to mine Bitcoin back in 2009.

However, he stopped mining just four years after and eventually, his laptop had gone haywire. This prompted him to dismantle parts and sell some on eBay. He had planned to keep the drive thinking that in case Bitcoin becomes valuable one day, he would still have them.

The unfortunate event of losing them took place when he was spring cleaning in 2013. He mistakenly discarded the drive and placed in a waste bin which ended in the local landfill site in Newport.

“Digging up a landfill is not as easy as just digging a hole in the ground.”

Despite several petitions in the attempt to retrieve the drive containing Bitcoin, the local council of Newport City did not grant him the permission.

A council spokesperson who was interviewed by Wired reveals that digging up the landfill and the process of storing the treating waste could have an adverse effect on the surrounding area.

The said landfill contains around 350,000 tons of waste. Every year, an additional 50,000 tons are also dumped to the said waste facility.

Howell’s 7500 Bitcoin is now equivalent to 97 million dollars as of press time.