Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire Plans to Build the World’s Best University in Dubai

He may only be 19, but the teenage Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman, has big plans and one of them is to establish the best university in the whole world.

According to the teenage Bitcoin millionaire, he envisions and intends to establish the university in the city of Dubai with the aim to fight against the outmoded teaching methods and stir the interests of students.

Erik says, the university will be “two times better than Stanford” – which is where his both both parents did their PhDs.

He told in an interview with The National:

“I want to start the school of all schools in Dubai”.

Tough School Years

Finman had difficulties going through the conventional school system. He was disinterested and unmotivated even prompting a former teacher to encourage him to drop out instead and just start flipping burgers at a fast food chain.

He was eventually pulled out of school and started getting homeschooled instead.

“It will be the best on the planet, world-renowned – because I know Dubai likes the best.”

Thanks to Grandma’s Gift

Finman’s millions stemmed from a decision to purchase Bitcoin using $1000 he got from his grandmother. During that time in 2011, a single coin only cost $12. With a tip from his brother, he decided to purchase Bitcoins and hodl them.

When he was 13, he cashed out some of them and started Botangle, an online education company. The business model was simple – he wanted to create a platform where students can find a suitable teacher for them online.

At the tender age of 15, he also started to work as an intern in Silicon Valley startups.

On June 20, 2017, Finman was also featured on CNBC and discussed how a simple bet with his parents and a $1000 eventually turned him into a millionaire.

At present, he has 403 Bitcoin which is now equivalent to more than 5 million dollars.