Chrome Extension ‘Archive Poster’ Linked to ‘Crypto-Jacking’

Crypto-jacking is on the rise, and a Chrome Extension called Archive Poster is reported to being used to mine cryptocurrency via unsuspecting users’ personal computers and laptops.

This act of using another individual’s computer to mine digital currency even without their permission has surged over the last few months due to the growing crypto asset prices.

According to reports published by BleepingComputer, the said Chrome extension that is originally designed to help Tumblr account owners to repost and reblog entries from other blogs is also equipped with a crypto-jacking program called Coinhive.

This program is particularly used to mine Monero, a cryptocurrency, using computer’s CPU.  While it may not be lucrative for the developer of the extension to mine on an individual computer, having hundreds of thousands of users may be deemed profitable.

  • There are now about 105,000 users who are using the Archive Poster Extension.

Although the crypto-jacking software is not generally dangerous or damaging to a person’s computer or files, it can potentially slow down the computer. This can affect CPU time and overall productivity.

One of the reviews on Archive Poster reads:

“ATTENTION! DANGEROUS! This extension is hijacked since a few weeks with a code which mines crypto-currency, which means it will change and read ALL data and sites you visit and causes 100 percent CPU usage.”

Getting Kicked Out of the Chrome Store

The number of complaints and negative reviews on this Chrome Extension has prompted Google to finally remove such malicious extension from its Chrome Store. As of this writing, the developer of the extension has been mum on the issue.

On December 29, 2017,  a recent version of the said Chrome Extension appeared on the Chrome Web Store. Although marked at “safe”, this latest version has still no positive reviews or ratings to back it up.