UK Can Defy Post-Brexit Economic Blues With ICOs Help

In two years time, the United Kingdom will separate from the European Union. Such move will cast confusion and doubt to the current investors in the said country.

Years passed, the UK benefited from the international organization most significantly in terms of trade partnerships with the other member countries.

With Brexit, however, some economic issues loom like the decreasing value of the UK currency, exodus of foreign investors, and the uncertainty with regards to Britain’s trading partnerships in the future.

Amidst those imminent economic problems, Britain has to come up with a good strategy to increase investment and to defy post-Brexit economic woes.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and associate at ICO rocket, Przemek Skwirczybski, shared  a possible solution to the plummeting number of investments post- Brexit. He then thought of ICO as a way to raise investment funds using a new cryptocurrency undertaking.

As you may recall, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and this created a dilemma to the companies in the UK particularly in its undesirable impact on investments.

According to the ICO Rocket official, the UK companies can actually stop the slowdown by getting ICOs and the only way to do this is to focus on Bitcoin boom. He further explained:

“Cryptocurrencies offer companies a chance to overcome the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit deal and continue to receive investment. Currently this is small scale but as you see the interest in ICOs picking up I am hoping this will become a very mainstream way of financing.”

When UK announced this important move, many companies started to worry that Brexit will directly affect the movement of the investments. It was then noted that it created a negative effect on the movement of investments and this prompted Skwirczybski to suggest the solution he deemed timely and effective.

To combat this investment slowdown, Skwirczybski further shared that every UK company can issue its own coin.

Then people can invest in that and this will result in an increased growth of the value of the coin compared to the already popular types namely Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Moreover, the crypto expert also added that the consumers and the film industry can actually play a part in this solution but it has to come from the ICOs.

The ICOs could encourage the consumers to support projects like helping a film get financed. To get this process done, the coin can be sued in movie production while the consumers can help by getting the film financed.

With that solution from a crypto expert, still reports claimed that there are pros and cons to UK companies using ICOs to increase investments.

On one hand, ICOs can be successful to UK companies to fight Brexit investment decline but some factors still need attention like ongoing regulatory attempts, shareholders, and a dual system like cryptocurrency and shares that may not work together.