Rumors of Coinbase Possibly Adding Dash, Stratis, and Ripple Proliferate on Twitter

Current frontrunner in cryptocurrency wallet space, Coinbase, could potentially expand its repertoire by adding DASH, Ripple, and Stratis. Several people think it’s just a mere speculation and probably a Christmas joke.

However, experts are certain of the possibility that Coinbase might add new cryptocurrencies.

In the past days leading to Crypto_Agent’s apparent discovery, Coinbase has encountered a slur of technical issues. These issues have something to do with massive traffic volumes, nearly poor platform management, and other potential risks. Because of such issues, many users got worried about Coinbase’s overall liquidity.

Mistrust is also high among Coinbase investors. According to, insider trading grew heavy within the exchange. In response, the Coinbase CEO has explained that the company is already conducting an investigation regarding the issue.

The company was also forced to halt its trading activity after the newly listed Bitcoin Cash gained more than $8,000 in market value. Bitcoin Cash was built as a solution to Bitcoin’s high transaction fees which affected several block miners around the world. Different platforms have supported Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase included. This may change over the course of few weeks, given the upward scaling trend of Bitcoin Cash.

With the platform issues of Coinbase, additional cryptocurrencies might overload the exchange. To save their investments from possible damage, users might leave the platform to look for better alternatives. This can affect the prices of Coinbase’s cryptocurrencies. Until now, users just need to speculate if Coinbase will create adjustments regarding its platform.

Investors also believe that Coinbase must have a new cryptocurrency framework in place. By committing to such change, Coinbase can solve the vulnerabilities that it encountered in the past. More importantly, it can handle the growing user demand for Dash, Stratis, and Ripple.