Monaco Experiences 7% Price Increase on Binance Exchange

Monaco (MCO) has recently experienced exceptional increase at 7.38% from $ 0.996 to $14.50.

Its recent upward movement is likely to reach $25.57 in no time since the cryptocurrency has been listed and available to be traded at China’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Monaco Listed on Binance

Monaco (MCO) previously started with a trading price of $13.51. It got the highest value at $15.46 and the lowest rate at $12.23 for December 22 and 23.

On the said dates, a total of 317 MCO worth $4,966 were subscribed.

Monaco found its way into the business on May 18, 2017. Since then, the company has been showing its strength in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, it has 31.59 million coins in circulation.

For the last few months, the company showed progress with increases on its tokens’ values at 154.46% and 155.35%.

To continuously facilitate its efficient and smooth sailing transactions, Monaco (MCO) uses Blockchain technology to process the payment transactions.

Monaco Visa card provides its users with the following core features:

  • Offline and online services – With Monaco Visa Card, you can make transactions anywhere at any time!
  • Secure Access to wallet
  • Instant Customer Onboarding via Monaco App –  It’s so hassle-free with less than three minutes registration.
  • Excellent interbank transaction rates through Monaco App
  • Flexibility on currency – Sending of money is more convenient and accessible as Monaco App caters to 23 legal tenders.
  • Worldwide access-Sending money is more convenient and accessible as Monaco App caters to 120 countries.
  • Timely and free Send-out between Monaco App users
  • User-friendly interface via email – Monaco provides daily news, summaries, and analysts’ ratings through its newsletter and email.