Tech Firms from Russia and Estonia to Launch Blockchain-based Finance Platform

Hong Kong-based international technology firm Midex IT is partnering with developers in Russia and Estonia to introduce a Blockchain-based finance platform.

The platform will integrate the digital currency stock exchange Midex Exchange, the cryptocurrency bank Midex Bank, the Midex Payment system, the digital currency service Midex Escrow, the cryptomats network Midex ATM, and the ICO Center.

The exchange is already providing round-the-clock trading that are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

Midex IT has already invested a total of $4.9 million from its own funds and from investments by investors in developing the platform. The company says that the platform will allow the simultaneous conduct of hundreds of thousands of transactions at a time. The estimated total amount of investments needed for the platform is pegged at $75 million.

Under the plan, the platform will utilize Midex’s infrastructure, which is based on the module principle. Modules are based on the multi-stage decentralized storage model. The infrastructure is scalable and has high compatibility with different networks.

The platform will also use the passwordless authentication system called Midex Secure, which is considered as among the most revolutionary technology solutions. The system, which is based on custom SSL certificates, is a symbiosis of OAuth2 and Ethereum Blockchain technology. The Blockchain will be utilized for storing data about users certificates, as well as for maintaining their information cards in an encrypted form.

Midex IT is a global technology firm that is based in Hong Kong. The company has regional offices in Russia and Estonia.

The technology firm is involved in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for leading financial infrastructure institutions and companies that are operating in fast-growing markets.