TRON Registers Phenomenal Gain of 2000%

TRON (TRX) has registered phenomenal gains in December 2017, reaching a high price of $0.04138, up by 2,000% from $0.002043 in November 2017.

TRON is the cryptocurrency used by the entertainment platform TRON, which is designed to facilitate the payment, storage, development, and credit sharing for entertainment enthusiasts.

In the past seven days as of December 18, TRON posted a 750% price increase, making it as one of the best performing virtual currencies during the week.

The cryptocurrency also posted a market capitalization of $2.7 billion and a trading volume of $283 million during the period. Also, TRON’s market supply stood at 65 million while its total supply is 100 million.

TRON was established by its chief executive officer (CEO) Justin Sun as a Blockchain-based entertainment platform. Sun is a popular businessman who was twice included in the Forbes 30 most influential Asians under 30 list. His popularity has led to the high rate of growth of the TRON platform.

TRON has already conducted two successful initial coin offerings (ICO) in the past that were sold out in just seconds after their launching.

In his comment, Sun shared that TRON will be the next king of the distributed economy in which the streaming of videos, gambling, and digital entertainment will be conducted very easily in a fun way.

Among the advantages of the platform are the support of a very solid community, its excellent communication channels, and its commendable social media presence. These features allow its users to enjoy gaming, gambling, and entertainment.

With scheduled ICOs and initial public offerings (IPO), the Tronix cryptocurrency is sure to be one of the virtual tokens to watch for in 2018.