Bitcoin Miners Show Support to the Controversial Bitcoin Segwit2x Scaling

Several Bitcoin miners have already expressed their support and started signaling for the controversial scaling proposal for the cryptocurrency called Segregated Witness 2x (SegWit2x). The signaling process is expected to begin on July 21, 2017, but some miners are already signaling this early.

As of July 17, the miners who have expressed their support to the proposal include BitClub, Bixin, BitFury,, and AntPool. Slush Pool, which is among the major miners, has already announced that it will soon start signaling for SegWit2x.

Under the current plan, the majority of Bitcoin miners should adopt the code proposal called Bitcoin improvement proposal 91 (BIP91) in order to lock-in the signal support for the SegWit2x scaling project.

At least 80% of miners should start signaling within the next 336 blocks or a period of around 48 hours so that the long-awaited code change proposal SegWit will lock-in.

The possible reason behind the requirement is the perceived need to upgrade the bitcoin protocol so that it can support SegWit before August 1. The failure to gain sufficient ecosystem support for SegWit is expected to lead to the split of the bitcoin platform into two competing assets.

There were contrasting opinions among the members of the bitcoin community on the introduction of BIP148, which is a user-activated soft fork (UASF). Some members are claiming that this is a sort of populist uprising, while others are viewing it positively, saying that this could lead to users having better control on the direction of the protocol.

One of the supporters of BIP 148, developer Alphonse Pace, claimed that the proposal is already unstoppable at the moment.

“[T]here’s no way to put it back in Pandora’s box. The code is out; it’s being run by economic nodes. Either we split on 1st August, or SegWit is activated.”