Brave Falls Short of Hiring Required Talent After Raising $35 Million in ICO

The future goals of ad-blocking browser startup, Brave is still a distant dream despite having collected $35 million in Initial Coin Offering (ICO),

While on a secret talent hunt, Brave posted its first ever series of job posts aiming to double the size of their venture. Founder Brendan Eich is confident yet cautious about finding the desired talent soon.

Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox shares:

“We need Ethereum talent and that’s scarce right now.”

In his recent blog post, Eich mentioned that the hiring of fresh new talent will be done in batches in order to increase the team by 20 people.

As per its development phase, the startup is planning to integrate its Ethereum-denominated basic attention token (BAT) wallet into the Brave Browser, hence the organization’s job openings for five engineers and two designers.

Eich has specified the need of a proficient Ethereum developer, who has a good knowledge of machine learning and browser development.

Faced with the issue of finding the required talent, the company is forced to cross train the existing staff that is proficient in Bitcoin and other programming languages. The fundraising has gone in vain owing to the lack of the desired talent required by the company.

Assuring that getting funded is a non-issue, Eich further shared that the job hunting is so competitive. Job search engines like LinkedIn and Indeed have listed 367 and 381 full-time job opportunities, while excluding internships and part-time jobs.

Counting on its pre-sales associates and having grown its staff to 26, Brave has gone forward its hiring plan in sync with the roadmap released in June.

Started in 2015 in San Francisco,Brave earned $7 million from its traditional venture capital firms prior to launching its ICO, a larger plan of paying its users for watching ads in more ways than with Bitcoin.

Initially, Brave had set aside 300m BAT tokens to incentivize adoption.  Now the total supply of 1.5bn BAT is worth $126m at around $0.089 per token, as of this publication.

Boasting of these resources, Eich is confident his company will flourish in this crowded market.