Royal Kingdom Enterprise of Dubai Launches ICO to Develop Blockchain-Based Apps

The Royal Kingdom Enterprise of Dubai is currently raising money through crowdfunding in order to develop its own token called Royal Kingdom coin (RKC) with the ERC20.

The Dubai government is set to make it mandatory for all players in the cryptocurrency sector to register their services and blockchains companies until 2020. Royal Kingdom Enterprises has complied to this requirement by inviting the contributors to take part in blockchain technology to satisfy their needs and spur its growth.

The issuance of tokens is a process where network users are compelled to take part. The main aim of the issuance is to promote the project that the company had proposed. The company intends to do this by involving everyone in the purchase of ICO that launched on July, 10.

Each token is valued at $0.10 with the price increasing based on the volume of your purchase. You must register and key in your balance with either bitcoin or ether to acquire tokens only from the Venture Kingdom platform.

The overall quantity of tokens stands at 15 million, and only 2,700,000 RKC is set for sale on the ICO. The issuance of the tokens won’t be usual as each token will have its own configuration on the smart contract.

The success of Royal Kingdom Enterprise relies on the ICO participants to disclose the true information to the community. This can improve the liquidity as you earn your rewards for the campaign

The company aims to bring project to the community by allowing the participants to present ideas whose results are shared.