Blockchain Firm Blockstream Hires BitTorrent’s Ex-Chief Architect

Blockstream has hired software engineer Arvid Norberg who was previously the former chief architect of Bittorrent, the famous peer to peer file sharing platform.

Norberg is known to be one of the key figures in the development of peer to peer platforms with him spearheading the development of uTorrent and Bleep.

Blockstream is a company that was created for the sole purpose of developing the capabilities of blockchain technology, further enhancing Bitcoin and making it much easier for Bitcoin users to make use of the innovative peer to peer transaction platform. The firm’s atest project of is the unlocking of their confidential assets. The company was founded by several of the Bitcoin core members and other fintech specialists.

Blockstream has several projects set for the future. Well known figure Samson Mow has quit the company BTCC last February 2017 and has announced last April 2017 that he will be joining the Blockstream team in order to “Make Bitcoin great again”.

As of July 18, 2017, Bitcoin has dropped to a price of $1663 per coin. This is a huge drop from its all time high of $3,000 last month of June 2017 going on to the start of July 2017.

According to the president of corporate strategy of nChain, Jon Matonis states that this is quite normal and has already held up relatively well. He even states that all other cryptocurrencies could be using Bitcoin as a safe haven.

With this, all eyes are still on the movement of Bitcoin as to how well Bitcoin will fare with the many contributors trying to push it forward.