Evidence Shows Possible Collusion Between CNBC, Bitcoin Cash and Coinbase

Evidence of a possible collusion among Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver, mainstream news network CNBC marketing and partnership manager Gaby Wasensteiner, and the Bitcoin Cash Fund over the alleged ‘insider trading’ at the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has emerged.

Bitcoin Cash price has suddenly increased to about $9,000 minutes after its launch on the Coinbase platform on December 19.

According to digital currency commentator WhalePanda and others, CNBC has started broadcasting highly suspicious tweets as compared to its usual neutral tone.

The tweets were found to be compiled under the account of CNBC’s Wasensteiner, who is also the wife of Bitcoin Cash Fund executive director Paul Wasensteiner.

Based on the first controversial tweets from CNBC’s Fast Money official Twitter account, the TV program has announced its scheduled interview with Ver, who is also known as Bitcoin Jesus in the digital currency market, as well as the ‘introduction’ of Bitcoin Cash.

Critical responses to the tweet were allegedly answered with threats to unfollow those who did not support CNBC’s pro-Bitcoin Cash views:

The controversy emerged after the sharp increase in the price of Bitcoin Cash minutes after it was launched. Coinbase then immediately stopped trading and ordered the cancellation of the orders already made.

In his blog post, Coinbase chief executive officer (CEO), Brian Armstrong, said that an investigation will be conducted on the issue.

Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin Cash continues to increase in all major exchanges. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at an average price of nearly $3,500, up by 45% in 24 hours.