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Crypto world is ever so changing. It’s changing fast, frequently, and with increasing acceleration. The top priority for Cointia is to serve you breaking crypto news with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

We have done our best to remove and cut out anything that could potentially distract you. We are using images, videos, or any other type of media only if it improves the quality of the content we create for you.

Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability…

It is also very important to note that Cointia or its individual team members do not endorse any specific crypto currency, company, or project.

Editorial Policy

Every day we commit to publishing only original and credible news, multiple times a day. It is important to us that we serve you only fair, accurate, and unbiased news.

This is why we do not accept sponsored, paid, or promotional articles.

We have assembled our own internal system of newsrooms, sources, and dashboards. Our team always makes sure that this system cannot be influenced or compromised by any self serving third party individuals or companies.

Advertising Terms

Frankly, there’s only one set of terms that we have for anyone interested to advertise on Cointia. We do not accept or allow any form of advertisement to be published here.

However, you can support our team through donations:

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Our Partners

There are resources, tools, and companies which also believe in quality, unbiased, and fast information.

With some of them, we have formed partnerships to support each other while serving you the best quality crypto resources.